Kashmir Folk Utsav: Celebrating the Soul of Culture and Art in Jammu & Kashmir

I congratulate everyone and best wishes for the Kashmir Folk Utsav program, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. I especially congratulate all the artists, LG said. Friends, art and artists are the basis of development of any society, LG said. The soul of the society which gives it the energy to move forward is the culture created through centuries of practice. It is true that every individual has the power to create a spiritual world but there are only a few seekers who reach the sacred state in the practice of Kala Sanskriti where there is no special difference between them and the sages, sufis, and fakirs. And that is why no matter what the form of art, its creativity gives rise to new life in the society, LG said. Vitality is created in the nation. And new energy is born among the citizens also. We have reached the moon. The Indian tricolour has been hoisted there. In this glorious glory we must also remember that the dream of developing attraction towards the moon for centuries must have blossomed in someone’s heart. The moon must have been born in the brush of a painter. That is why I say again and again that there is a proper balance of Sanskrit along with science, culture and tradition along with science which can keep a society healthy. We are fortunate that the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji has prepared such a system that the fate of bad times are over. The same winds are blowing again in Jammu and Kashmir, the same environment is being created which has made it a paradise on earth since ancient times. Due to which various forms of art have started getting opportunity to blossom. Whether it is the preservation or promotion of folk arts, the beginning of theater, a gathering of shaiyers and poets, various arts of dance being promoted, be it painting, events are being organised continuously in every area. Through various interventions, efforts are being made to ensure that both the art and the artist prosper. And our Sanskrit heritage of Jammu and Kashmir once again makes Jammu and Kashmir and the entire country proud.

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