J&K Initiates Historic Projects in Ganderbal, LG Sinha Pledges Priority to People’s Needs & Welfare

Today is a historic day for my brothers and sisters in Ganderbal, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. The launch of so many innovative projects in one day shows the achievements of the Jammu and Kashmir administration in fulfilling the aspirations of the people of Ganderbal. We have been successful to a great extent in changing the system in Jammu and Kashmir in three years. Now it has become clear that the all-round and civil development of the entire Jammu and Kashmir is the only agenda of this Jammu and Kashmir administration, LG Manoj Sinha stated. Our priority is to complete the development works within the time limit. Every possible effort should be made to provide all the facilities for the welfare of farmers, youth and women to their homes without any discrimination, without any leakage, without any middleman. And I am happy that we have succeeded to a great extent in this. The conditions of the governance system in Jammu and Kashmir were such that a little change could not help. Therefore, a clever jihad began to completely overhaul it. And today there are records of new development works in front of you every day. The new records of progress being made are a witness to the fact that the administration is not meant to serve the people. Rather, it is for the common citizen and for their betterment, to raise their standard of living. And all this effort is to ensure that they get another opportunity to fulfill their dreams. There are some people who want this system not to work. I want to request you, enough is enough, LG said. How many innocent people have died on this soil? And for whose political dreams? These are people who have built their homes in foreign countries. But the people here have been left to live a miserable life, relying on God, they have left them at the mercy of Allah. Get ahead of this system, LG said. I would like to say to you today that whatever is the need of the people of this place, whatever is the need of the people that is important, which is necessary, the Jammu and Kashmir administration will solve it on top priority, we assure you today, LG said.

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