JKTPO exhibits exquisite heritage, craftsmanship of Jammu & Kashmir at Eastern Himalayan Trade Fair 2023

GUWAHATI (ASSAM), OCTOBER 11: The Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO) participated in the prestigious Eastern Himalayan Trade Fair 2023 organized by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) in association with Ministry of MSME and Department of Industry & Commerce, Assam showcasing the exquisite and diverse Handicraft, Handloom, Agriculture, Horticulture, and other products from Jammu and Kashmir.
The event took place in Assam Engineering Institute Playground, Chandmari, Guwahati which attracted buyers, visitors, traders and enthusiasts from across North-East Region and India.
The Eastern Himalayan Trade Fair is a flagship event aimed at celebrating and promoting the unique cultural heritage, craftsmanship, and traditional expertise that different regions in India have to offer. With Jammu and Kashmir being a treasure trove of ancient traditions and indigenous practices, the participation of exhibitors, artisans, farmers from J&K in this event played a crucial role in highlighting the UT’s exceptional products.
The event witnessed an impressive display of a wide range of products like hand knotted silk carpets, kani shawls, pashmina shawls, sozni, saffron, readymade garment, saffron tea, saffron, dry fruits, lavender oil, rosewater, and paper mache.
With national buyers in attendance, the fair facilitated fruitful business interactions and paved the way for expanding market opportunities. The platform resulted in generation of more than 200 business leads and on spot retail sales of INR 5.00 lakh to J&K exhibitors.
Minister for Industry & Commerce, Assam, Bimal Borha, interacted with the exhibitors from Jammu & Kashmir and appreciated the unique products from the region.
The Department of Industry & Commerce, Assam further facilitated interaction of exhibitors from Jammu & Kashmir with Farmer Producer Corporation (FPC), Small Tea Growers (STG) and Handicraft & Handloom retailers in Assam. The Access Development Services in association with Assam Government Marketing Corporation Ltd showcased interest in organizing an artist exchange program with JKTPO and Department of Handicraft & Handloom, J&K.
JKTPO has continuously provided an ideal platform to the exhibitors of J&K to showcase their unique products in different platforms domestically and internationally.
JKTPO was also awarded with “Certificate of Excellence in Display” by ITPO and Department of I&C, Assam. The successful participation and interest shown by Dept. of Industries & Commerce, Assam for collaboration with Department of Industries & Commerce, J&K reflect the growing demand and appreciation for our region’s distinct products, creating pathways for economic growth and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir.

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