J&K LG Praises Women Players in Kashmir Cricket League 2023; Mithali Raj’s presence inspires all

I congratulate all women cricketers taking part in Kashmir cricket league 2023, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. I salute everyone’s enthusiasm, passion and new determination to touch the sky. My own personal experience is that there are many such moments in life for all of us when we do not need to find someone for motivation or inspiration. Rather, motivation itself stands in front of us. The presence of world’s famous cricketer Mithali Raj here is a motivation in itself, LG said. Mithali is a living motivation for the players who want to make this sports discipline their career. And I believe in her presence today new inspiration will give rise to new enthusiasm within all of you. All the promising players will bring glory to the country by increasing their efficiency and potential like her. More than the result of the match, I am more interested in the teams coming from faraway places. I was noticing the enthusiasm of players from Kulgam, Anantnag and Pulwama. After all the difficulties and struggles, I am heartily glad to see the new opportunity they have got in Jammu and Kashmir and the administration stands fully in fulfilling your dreams and aspirations, LG said. At every step, every effort will be made to ensure that your prospects achieve the pinnacle of success, LG assured the women’s cricket team of J&K. Personally I believe that our daughters can grow which will increase the staus of Kashmir. They are not just the priceless treasure of creation but a complete creation in itself. And we should never forget this. When the society climbs the stairs of success, while progressing, that ladder is also prepared by half of our population, our women power. Mithali Raj also struggled a lot in her life. But with her discipline and courage, she gave a new identity to the future image of the Indian Women cricket team all over the world. And changed this image forever. Today from Shopian, Budgam, Srinagar and Anantnag there are many such sporting talents among us who are trying to follow in Mithali’s footsteps. Mithali is also facing many challenges but she is moving forward with great courage and setting new records. I am waiting for the day when the media says the girls of Anantnag are India’s new Mithali Raj. I believe it is possible, LG said encouraging the girl players. The girls of Jammu and Kashmir have announced their existence today here in the cricket field, LG said.

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