J&K LG Manoj Sinha Encourages Awakening of Our Education Heritage: Honours Meritorious Students

Our ancient culture says that the fame of the student and his teacher should grow together. And at the same time, their journey of learning also continues, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha addressing the meritorious students award function. Through this program I want to say that education is the important tool which can take you from earth to the moon, LG said. It can also give you the ability to look into the eyes of the sun and achieve the goals and proud achievements for the nation. School is the only place where the new generation can get inspiration from Aryabhata even after being worshiped for fifteen hundred years. And even after a hundred years, Ramanujan may remain an icon for students. If a sense of respect for the education heritage has awakened in our minds, then a new interest and curiosity about the space mission has also awakened in the children. I believe that no power in the world, no challenge can stop us from recognising the potential of every student and realising their dreams and aspirations. I would like to humbly say to all my friends that every child is brilliant, LG said. Just take the burden of your aspirations and expectations off them. God has a habit of making every person special and sending them into this world. And if parents can understand the uniqueness of their children then they can help them in the field in which they excel and thus children can make immense progress. I am happy that the felicitation ceremony took place today. And I am happy that the number of girls in the felicitation ceremony held today is very high. In the universities in which I have gone to the convocation level, more than 70 percent of the gold medals have been won by our girls. I want to say another thing that the girls and females make up the foundation of Jammu & Kashmir. This fact makes us very proud. It gives us all courage to move forward, LG said.

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