J&K | LG Flags Off CRPF Women’s Bike Rally | Starts From Kashmir

J&K | LG Flags Off CRPF Women’s Bike Rally | Starts From Kashmir Yashaswini Mahila Shakti Abhiyan is a symbol of the strength, sacrifice and indomitable courage of all the women of the country, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir Shri Manoj Sinha falgging off CRPF Women’s Bike Rally from Kashmir. In our culture, Yashaswini is considered to be the form of Maa Durga in seven darshans. And Ma Durga who has received the Shool from Shiva, Chakra from Vishwa, power from fire, the bow and arrow from barood (gunpowder), the Vajra from Baan Indra, the Ratna from Vishwakarma and the Khadga from Brahma. CRPF’s women power is filled with these forces and energy and discharging their responsibilities very well in the defense of the country. And in all those difficult circumstances, they have always shown incredible bravery and courage. This motorcycle campaign is also a symbol of the sacrifice of women power, their new self-confidence and determination, LG added. A total of fifty brave women of CRPF are involved in this campaign. These women riding on 25 motorbikes will pass through 40 districts and traveled 134 km to participate in the National Ekta Day to be held on 31st October in Ekta Nagar Gujarat. I understand that through their selfless hard work, steely determination and efficient organisational power, this will be a true tribute by the brave CRPF women to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who united the country. I am confident that the message that will emerge from this journey will continuously show a new path to the people of the country, LG said. And all sections of the society will definitely come forward to strengthen unity and integrity. I am extremely happy that just two weeks ago the Parliament of India passed the Nari Shakti Act, fulfilling the dream of development of the country under women leadership, LG said. Half of the country’s population has been given their rights through the Women Empowerment Act. And I believe that the Parliament of the country has made an effort to facilitate the dream of a better future by giving thirty-three percent representation. After passing the bill in the Parliament, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clearly said one thing which we all should remember that the power to change the destiny of the country lies with the women power of the country. We want to give this message through CRPF Women’s Bike Rally that God has given wings to girls, so my message to every parent is to let girls fly and give them open sky. The only motto of this Ekta Diwas is to inspire all the women to educate their daughters and take them forward. This is our message, said CRPF women. It is with this purpose in mind that we are moving forward. When the Prime Minister has announced reservation for women, he wants to give a message of women empowerment, said CRPF men.

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