J&K | ‘Back to Village V’ Programme Connects Government & Citizens of Kunzer For Progress

J&K | ‘Back to Village V’ Programme Connects Government & Citizens of Kunzer For Progress Earlier no one used to ask about villages, nowadays everyone is fond of them. Because Modi ji has done a lot for villages, officers are going to the villages through the village program, this is a big thing, said Bollywood junior artist Pamposh Wani, a resident of Batpora in Kunzer, Jammu & Kashmir. The government is thinking what to do beyond what people want. If people cooperate then I am sure there will be progress in future. For the first time a senior officer has come to Batpora along with other officers. This is a great program where the Officer himself approaches village people and asks them to narrate their problems so that they can find the solution. This is a positive thing that we feel, said residents of Batpora. In this programme, officers and department officials are present along with citizens and their demands get an ear from the higher authorities. The fifth phase of Back to Village will bring benefits to villages. Whatever was missing will gradually disappear, said a female participant. A specially-abled female was happy that her voice was heard by the authorities in the Back to Village programme, I have talked to them directly what we want. This is a very good thing. Such programmes should happen everywhere and every year. The government is trying for us that we should get some facilities. An officer said that the Back to Village V programme in Batpora, Kunzer was very successful in which the citizens participated in great numbers. There is a need to further strengthen the relationship between government and people where there is good governance, participative governance and a proof of governance for the people.

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