Jammu & Kashmir | UMEED Empowers NRLM Beneficiary Woman in Kunzer to Flourish in Dairy Farming

Jammu & Kashmir | UMEED Empowers NRLM Beneficiary Woman in Kunzer to Flourish in Dairy Farming I had thought earlier that I should run my own unit, said an elederly man in Kunzer, Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir. Then the Department of Animal Husbandry took out a form and I filled it in the name of my daughter. We bought 10 cows from Punjab. The department gave us a subsidy of Rs 4.50 lakh subsidy. I am thankful to Allah that work is going on well. My daughter is educated. When I started the unit she made us happy now we earn money and we give money to helpers too. We get good milk. His daughter said she was a member of UMEED. In one of the meetings she got information that they give support in dairy farm units. Her madame at UMEED said that a loan will be provided and she can start her dairy farm unit. The lady’s husband recalled how they started the unit in 2021-22. They had begun with a unit of 10 cows. The UMEED sceme representatives encouraged them to take it up. Earlier he used to run a shop and his wife assisted in it. Then after meeting UMEED representatives, she thought of starting her own dairy farm. At last we decided to run it. Then we completed all the formalities and went to Punjab. We got a unit of 10 cows from Kapurthala, Punjab. We did improvement slowly. The cows gave birth to calves, then came cow dung, more milk, etc. Now, it has been two years since establishment, and we are thankful to Allah that everything is going well. More profits came from here, running a shop is different. It is a very big business. It looks small taking care of animals, but in reality the scope of this business is much bigger. We have kept two workers and we bear the expense of their families, staying, eating on us. Apart from them, we four-five people also work on the dairy farm. We get a good profit. This NRLM Umeed scheme is very good for the ladies. The Pashu Sakhi comes once or twice in a week on inspection rounds and guides us. The scheme is very good and beneficial, said the Kunzer man, husband of the NRLM Beneficiary.

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