Govt schools providing smart classes are way ahead of any private school

Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School in Shopian, Jammu & Kashmir has a smart class cum computer lab. The school has updated its Smart classes facilities for girl students. The students are gaining a lot from the computer lab. The children are given access to online resources and improve their learning experience. Afroza, Principal, Govt. Girls High School says the old age system of learning is over. Now, we teach girls through smart class technology. At the government school, new skills, games, sports and activities are taught to broaden the horizon of children. This makes the children skilful, confident and ambitious to achieve their dreams and career. The computer training is done free of cost in government schools. The private schools take money to impart training. So the children must take advantage of it. The students are happy that they are learning computers at a young age. Moreover, they do not have to pay heavy fees vis-a-vis a private school. Students of this govt school in Shopian said that teachers here are brilliant as compared to private schools. Similarly, smart classes are being provided in government run schools in various districts.

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