Young singer embraces art on self confidence, can sing in five languages

I got a guitar as a gift around a year and-a-half ago. The moment I got the guitar, says young Singer Kamran Nabi, I started practising 10-12 hours every day. Today, Kamran can sing in five languages – English, Hindi, Arabic, Pashto and Gojri with proper accents. He says, Jammu & Kashmir has a lot of good artists. Kashmiris are hardworking and they learn things on the basis of their own self confidence and embrace art. If we get a platform and get work related to our talent then we can decrease unemployment by 50 per cent, says singer Kamran Nabi of Bijbehara, Anantnag. Many people are going after drugs these days. I would like to tell the youth to please stay away from drugs. They should embrace art and education and make their future so that in the coming days they do not run into any trouble.

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