Girls join Tilla embroidery centre in Ganderbal to start their livelihood with UMEED

In Wakura cluster in district Ganderbal of Jammu & Kashmir, the girls who were not doing anything and who did not have any source of employment, got associated with UMEED scheme. Under UMEED, they were given full support, training and financial assistance to start their own units. District Ganderbal runs Tilla Centre in full swing with support from the Central Government’s scheme UMEED. Women in Ganderbal associated with UMEED are grateful to Jammu & Kashmir Rural Livelihoods Mission (JKRLM) UMEED for this opportunity. They took loan on their cash deposits from Post Office. Then they bought suit pieces and clothes to make shawls. They do the embroidery themselves and all the women associated with this group also do the embroidery work. Women engaged at the Tilla Centre were full of praises for the Central government for initiating such a programme in their village.

Tilla is a traditional craft of Kashmir. Tilla work shawls and suits are famous for fine embroidery work. The embroidery known as Tilla Dozi is woven with a gold and silver metallic thread on a needlepoint. In Kashmir, Tilla work is used to decorate pherans and shawls but over a period of time, the embroidery is being done on sarees, shalwar kameez, and other garments as well. Tilla artisans do the handicraft patiently making attractive patterns with threads. It takes almost a month to complete embroidery work on one pheran.

In Kashmir, a bride’s trousseau is said to be incomplete without Tilla embroidered garments, especially pherans as Tilla work is considered elegant. Ladies coming from Safapora village are thankful for this UMEED scheme. The work at Tilla is keeping them busy and they stand a chance to get a job in future and becoming independent. At the centre, girls take loan with the help of UMEED, get their shawls, work on it and then sell it off. The girls at the Tilla Centre believe it is a great initiative from the government. They got the training and the work is helping them earn their livelihoods, and they are enjoying the work.

– News Desk, Kashmir Ahead

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