Festival for YouTube creators held in Kashmir

This is for the first time that we are celebrating the YouTube Kashmir Festival. We are having a lot of fun. There is an art in every human being, said the host. This two-day event is celebrating the top 20 YouTube creators of Kashmir. Social media is the key and it depends how you use it, said a YouTuber. It is a good thing that the YouTubers got this platform where they are getting exposure and getting entertained. The little hero of Kashmir, YouTuber Rehan Ali also participated in the event. Rehan does cycle vlogging. He said he needed love and got it from the audience. He has a wish to defeat world’s best YouTuber Mr. Beast. He gave a message to others to stop playing PUBG games that are destroying lives. To give a festival look, stalls were arranged with bikes and scooters, food, fashion, etc. Altogether it is like a celebration, a festival, said YouTubers. The event also helps in creating respect for the work of YouTubers which is not considered as a career by most people. To create content is a kind of job, say YouTubers. Everyone says, you do all this but what else do you do? The event will bring a change in the mindset of people and the YouTubers can create their identity.

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