Female pilgrim believes Baba held her hand that’s how her journey to Amarnath cave was possible

Have courage and have faith in Bhole Baba, said a female pilgrim from Madhya Pradesh. If you have faith in your mind, then the journey will be happy and everything will be fine. I said to Baba to hold my hand. I don’t know how I will reach but I will surely come for the Amarnath pilgrimage, said the pilgrim. I also do puja. If it comes to heart-ripping, then Bhole Baba will also appear from inside me, said the female pilgrim. Talking about her life she said that six months ago my husband died, then I was heartbroken. My mind went blank. Then I remembered Bholenath and I started crying. I realised that this was my pre-birth destiny. Baba Bholenath wanted me to come here so I came. I cannot express in words how I feel for him. This is my pre-birth karma and so we will suffer. Whenever I call on Baba, I get his grace. I feel that wherever I look, there is only Shiva, said a pure Shiva devotee.

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