Enforcement team conducts Market checking in Kishtwar Town ahead of Eid-ul-Adha

KISHTWAR, JUNE 11: A joint team of enforcement departments today fined several traders in Kishtwar town during a comprehensive market inspection conducted ahead of Eid-ul-Adha and Urs.
The inspection team led by Assistant Director Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA), Shafqat Hussain Keen, included officials from various departments.
The team fined several vendors for not adhering to the approved rates. A fine amounting to Rs. 3,700 was recovered from erring traders.
Alongside the inspections, an awareness campaign was conducted to educate vendors on the importance of displaying rate lists, verifying weighing machines, and maintaining cleanliness in their premises.
Vendors were reminded of their responsibility to maintain hygienic conditions, which is particularly important during festivals when food safety concerns are heightened. They were advised to keep their stalls clean and dispose of waste properly to prevent health hazards.
The inspection drive received positive feedback from the local community, who appreciated the administration’s proactive measures to ensure a fair and clean market environment. The FCS&CA department assured that similar inspections would continue to maintain market discipline and protect consumers from malpractices.

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