Empowering Youth through Sports –Social Welfare Department Ramban tees off strategic Initiative

RAMBAN, JULY 04: Social Welfare Department Ramban has launched a series of sports activities aimed to promote sports culture among the local youth and steer them away from the perils of drug abuse. The initiative is a key component of the district’s comprehensive anti-drug campaign.
Spearheaded by the Deputy Commissioner, Baseer-Ul-Haq Chaudhary and executed by District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO) Rahul Gupta, the initiative has made a significant positive impact on young lives.
The sports activities, meticulously organized, engage youth in constructive pursuits, promoting teamwork, discipline, and resilience—attributes that deter substance abuse. The DSWO’s hands-on approach and keen oversight have ensured the activities are well-organized and accessible to all youth across the district.
On the field, the initiative is led by Shahrukh Naik from the One Stop Centre (OSC) Sakhi Ramban. His leadership has inspired widespread participation and fostered a sense of community spirit.
The sports programs include volleyball, cricket, and athletics competitions engaging hundreds of young individuals to showcase their talent. The enthusiasm and energy at these events highlight the success of the initiative in engaging the district’s youth.

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