Empowering Female Yatri: Free food and good arrangements inspires youngsters to embark on pilgrimage

We came in a helicopter from Pahalgam to Panchtarni. Then we started towards the Amarnath holy cave on foot from Panchtarni. The whole experience has been so good, said a young female pilgrim. People are so friendly and the arrangements are so good, said the female pilgrim. Military is deployed everywhere that gives such a safe feeling. It is so nice that I feel like coming back to this place. I would give this Amarnath holy yatra a thumbs up, said the young female pilgrim. Another young female pilgrim found the yatra experience interesting from the aspect that they can stay at night in a tent. And they are provided blankets and all facilities for the halt. Public toilets have been arranged at different places. First aid facilities are also available at various sites. If anyone is having breathing difficulty then oxygen portable cylinders are available, observed the young pilgrim. Generally the modern generation is disconnected, running after jobs and career. Once everyone should come here and do this kind of pilgrimage and connect with God, said the pilgrim. Another female youth said that in Sanatan Dharma there is a feeling that one should bathe before visiting temples and shrines. It is so cold here that the normal water is like ice. What is happening here providing yatris with food and hot water is an act of charity. Surrounded by these mountains, whatever facilities the yatris are getting is too big. The government is supporting full on that the yatra goes smoothly and providing every facility. So more people are able to join in the yatra. Otherwise how difficult it was a few years ago to travel like this, observed the young pilgrim. Youngsters like me are also thinking that we should do pilgrimage and travel to holy places. No where else food is available to pilgrims in this manner. People have to go to restaurants and there they might like the food or not. The langar facilities available throughout the Amarnath yatra and the food served is very good. No one can expect to get such good food for free. Good facilities have been provided from every department. Administration, Shrine board, tent providers, everyone cooperated so much and thank you for that, said the young female pilgrim.

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