Empowering Differently Abled Individuals: Scooties Distributed for Enhanced Mobility in Poonch, J&K

The Government has done a good job of providing scooties to the differently abled people in Poonch district of Jammu & Kashmir. Government has taken a good step to encourage these people. We face a lot of difficulties while travelling on roads. Many do not allow to sit on their vehicles. With these scooties our lives will be easy. It is like getting legs and movement back. Handicaps face a lot of difficulties while travelling. Female handicaps said it was a big help that they have got their own vehicle and do not require people’s help. Now they can go out on their own and not be dependent on anyone. In my 40 years I have seen for the first time that handicaps have been given equality treatment under Prime Minister Modi’s rule. All the promises made by the PM are being fulfilled on the ground level. It’s a very happy atmosphere here today.

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