Embracing My Civic Duty: Pakeezah Qureshi’s Journey as a First-Time Voter

‘As I prepare to cast my vote for the first time, I am reminded of the importance of each vote in shaping the destiny of our nation. Voting is not just a right; it is a responsibility that we all must embrace to ensure a better future for ourselves and generations to come. I encourage everyone to step forward and make their voices heard by participating in the electoral process. Together, we can contribute to the growth and development of our country’ tells Pakeezah Qureshi. Pakeezah is a national-level wushu athlete & excited for being a first-time voter. ‘The anticipation of casting my vote for the first time fills me with a sense of responsibility and pride. I urge every eligible citizen to exercise their right to vote and fulfil their civic duty, as it is a powerful tool for shaping the future of our nation’. Pakeezah extends her heartfelt gratitude to the government for ensuring safety and well-being during challenging times. The efforts of the government in protecting its citizens are commendable and deeply appreciated. She is particularly grateful to the District Commissioner, whose leadership and efforts have made a significant impact. The support and initiatives led by the DC have been instrumental in improving the lives of many. Pakeezah expresses her profound gratitude to the Election Commission of India. The meticulous planning and execution of elections in India are a testament to their dedication to upholding democracy. The Election Commission’s efforts ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to participate in the electoral process freely and fairly.

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