e-Governance has given a system free from irregularities for the common man to lead his life

e-Governance is easy governance, effective governance and economic governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech during Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. Through e-Governance, the path to good governance opens up. We all know that aiming for a digital enabled society in a country with a democratic system, the Digital India programme was pushed forward by our honourable Prime Minister. I am grateful to the government of India for providing this opportunity, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. I believe that this Digital Programme will begin a new era with successful implementation of the programme that will give a civic centre administration to the whole country and better foundation of good governance that is already laid. This program will also prove to be a blue stone in strengthening it, LG stated. The country is conscientious of PM Modi due to whose vision in the whole country and especially in Jammu and Kashmir, outlines of many e governance programmes were not only made but are also being implemented successfully to a large extent. With the help of these digital programmes, transparency and a system of working efficiently and timely availability and effective delivery of public services have been definitely boosted. On the other hand, we got a system free from irregularities with regards to transparency and corruption in which the common man is living his life. And this is the result that many citizens and their expectations are rising, LG said.

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