Devotees sense togetherness and sewa service as they start the Amarnath journey from Baltal

#Amarnathamarnath yatra is very nice. Come join us, sadhus forming part of Amarnath pilgrimage in Kashmir’s Baltal base camp, said. It is pure heaven. No yatra is better than the Shri Amarnath Yatra. People here serve the Amarnath pilgrims, do sewa service. We are feeling good, said a yatri when he started for the yatra from the Baltal base camp. At first we were scared lest it might rain and the yatra got postponed. But nothing like that happened. Bhole Shankar took care of it. So the yatra started on time and we are the first batch of pilgrims for the Amarnath yatra 2023. The Amarnath yatra is marked by a sense of harmony, togetherness, an atmosphere of devotion, and most importantly, the sewa service. This is the ninth time that I am participating in the Amarnath pilgrimage, said a pilgrim. We have come to the door of Bholenath, he said, chanting Har Har Mahadev! The experience has been nice. The army, police, administration, everyone is with us. So there is no need to fear. Everyone should come for the yatra. Every Indian must come to Kashmir once in their lifetime. There is no fear. There is love and we pray to Bhole Shankar for this love and may this brotherhood last forever, said the pilgrim. I have come to Kashmir for the first time. It is such a beautiful experience, said a young male traveller. I have come to fulfil my parents’ wish. They could not come so they sent me here. A female yatri is confident that they will go back happily as they came, she said chanting Bam Bam Bhole! Bhole Baba is in Kashmir so we have to come to Kashmir.

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