Deputy Commissioner flags Off Mata Chandi Mindal Yatra at Doda

On June 1st, Deputy Commissioner Doda, Harvinder Singh, officially flagged off the renowned Mata Chandi Mindal Yatra from Shugwari near Prem Nagar on NH 244. This auspicious event marks the commencement of the holy pilgrimage towards Mindal village in Himachal Pradesh. The flag-off ceremony was imbued with a palpable sense of enthusiasm and devotion as devotees gathered to embark on this spiritual journey. The air was filled with the passionate recitation of hymns in praise of Maa Chandi, reflecting the deep reverence and commitment of the pilgrims. The DC, acknowledging the fervour of the devotees, extended his best wishes to all participants, urging them to pray to Maa Bhagwati for peace, prosperity, and brotherhood throughout the country. In his address, DC Harvinder Singh highlighted the profound spiritual significance of the yatra. He emphasized the importance of maintaining devotion and faith throughout the journey, encouraging pilgrims to carry the spiritual essence of the yatra in their hearts. The DC’s words resonated deeply with the attendees, reinforcing the cultural and religious importance of the pilgrimage. To ensure the well-being and safety of the yatrees, the district administration has meticulously planned and arranged all necessary facilities. DC Harvinder Singh reassured the pilgrims of the administration’s commitment to providing a smooth and safe journey. This dedication underscores the administration’s support for the region’s religious and cultural traditions, fostering an environment of respect and encouragement for such significant events. The departure of the Mata Chandi Mindal Yatra from Shugwari is not just a journey; it is a testament to the enduring spiritual and cultural heritage of the region. The collective devotion of the pilgrims, coupled with the support of the district administration, exemplifies the harmonious blend of faith and governance. As the yatrees progress on their sacred journey towards Mindal village, they carry with them the hopes and prayers of an entire community. This pilgrimage serves as a powerful reminder of the strength of collective devotion and the enduring importance of cultural traditions in fostering unity and spiritual growth.

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