Defying Odds | Armless Cricketer Aamir Hussain Lone Inspires with Unyielding Spirit

Defying Odds | Armless Cricketer Aamir Hussain Lone Inspires with Unyielding Spirit Even those who have no hands have fate, said Aamir Hussain Lone, Armless Cricketer from Waghama, Jammu & Kashmir. I have strengthened myself in such a way that I am not dependent on anyone. Before picking cricket, Aamir Hussain Lone says wherever he went, people used to say that he has no hands, what will he do? I was eight years old when I had an accident, said Aamir. The army came and took me in the car to the hospital. When I came back home armless everyone told my mother that I was no longer of any use and it was better for me to die. I had to do a lot of struggles. I only know the struggle I faced but I never gave up in my life. I remember going to someone else’s house to watch television but they shooed me away. I went out and was figuring out where to watch cricket from a window or a hole. I found a small hole and I was watching cricket from that hole with one eye closed. And then from there I got the passion to play cricket myself. All the time I was thinking how to play and I was learning every technique to play. I learned bowling, learned batting and then I did not face any problem. I have been to Bangladesh, Nepal and Dubai to play cricket. And everywhere I got a lot of love. When people see me playing cricket armless, they love me a lot, it is a gift from Allah. In 2016, Sachin Tendulkar sent me a cricket bat as a gift with his signature. Ajay Dadeja and Virat Kohli sirs have also appreciated me. I faced a lot of hurdles. When I went for a job, people used to say that you don’t have hands, what will you do? Nowadays people destroy themselves more because of frustration, said Aamir. Giving out a message, Armless Cricketer Aamir Hussain Lone said, all I want is for you to see how my life is and I want to tell everyone that you can do a lot in life, there is only one thing you should never accept and that is defeat or take life for granted, said Aamir Hussain Lone, an Armless Cricketer.

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