DC Doda Inaugurates Thrilling Arm Wrestling Competition

Deputy Commissioner Doda Harvinder Singh inaugurated an arm wrestling competition marking the start of an exciting and action-packed event. The ceremony was attended by Chief Planning Officer Manesh Kumar, Manager Arm Wrestling, representatives from various NGOs, enthusiastic arm wrestling teams, and several other guests, all of whom contributed to the lively atmosphere. The event drew participants and spectators from across the region, showcasing the widespread appeal and enthusiasm for this age-old sport. During his opening remarks, DC Doda expressed heartfelt gratitude to the organizers for their efforts in putting together the competition. He emphasised the importance of such events in nurturing local talent and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within the community. The inauguration ceremony not only highlighted the competitive spirit of the participants but also underscored the communal and cultural significance of arm wrestling as a sport. It set the stage for a day filled with intense competition, as teams geared up to demonstrate their strength and skill. DC Doda’s address resonated with the audience, reflecting the broader goal of fostering community engagement and encouraging physical fitness through sports. His words served as an inspiration to the participants and attendees, reinforcing the idea that sports can play a vital role in bringing people together and enhancing their overall well-being. As the competition commenced, the excitement was palpable. Arm wrestling teams, each displaying a mix of determination and camaraderie, prepared to showcase their prowess in this ancient sport. The event promised not only to be a test of physical strength but also a celebration of sportsmanship and community spirit. The arm wrestling competition inaugurated by DC Doda Harvinder Singh stands as a testament to the power of sports in fostering community bonds and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The enthusiastic participation and the vibrant atmosphere underscored the event’s success and its potential to inspire similar initiatives in the future.

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