Anticipation Builds as Vote Counting Begins in Kashmir

The process of counting votes in the five consituencies of Kashmir began at 8 am today. To manage the counting for these five seats, authorities have set up 10 counting centre’s. Section 144 has been imposed to ensure that the counting process proceeds smoothly and without incident. The outcomes for 100 candidates vying for these seats will be determined at these centres, including prominent figures such as Union Ministers and two Deputy Chief Ministers. The atmosphere is tense yet filled with anticipation as votes are being tallied. The National Conference has been maintaining a consistent lead since the morning. In Anantnag Rajouri, Altaf from the National Conference has held a steady lead, while in Baramulla North, the competition is particularly fierce. Omar Abdullah and Engineer Rashid, who is currently incarcerated, are among the key contenders. Additionally, Sajjad Gani Lone is also in the fray, with Engineer Rashid taking the lead at one point and a tight contest unfolding between Lone and Abdullah. As the day progresses, the long wait for the final results is nearing its end. The anticipation among the populace is palpable as they eagerly await the outcome that will decide the political future of their constituencies. The results, expected to be announced soon, will finally reveal the victors and provide clarity on who will represent these districts. The entire process underscores the significance of democratic engagement and the intense competition that characterizes electoral politics in Kashmir. The outcome will not only reflect the choice of the people but also set the stage for the political dynamics in the region.

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