DC Budgam inspects health centre, reviews amenities, and boosts power supply

Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Budgam, Shri Akshay Labroo, recently conducted an inspection of the newly upgraded New Type Primary Health Centre (NTPHC) in Dalwan village, located in Charar-i-Sharief. This visit underscores the administration’s commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure in rural areas. The upgraded facility aims to provide enhanced medical services to the local population, ensuring better healthcare access and improved health outcomes. During his visit, DC Labroo assessed the availability of essential medical equipment, the condition of the facilities, and the readiness of the staff to handle medical emergencies. He interacted with the medical personnel and the villagers to understand their needs and concerns, ensuring that the NTPHC is well-equipped to meet the community’s healthcare requirements. In addition to his visit to Dalwan village, DC Budgam also took stock of the basic amenities at the Sikh Colony in Rangreth. This inspection was aimed at evaluating the living conditions and ensuring that the residents have access to necessary services. The DC reviewed the availability of clean drinking water, sanitation facilities, and electricity supply, and discussed potential improvements with the concerned authorities. This proactive approach reflects the administration’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life for all residents, addressing their grievances, and ensuring that the benefits of development reach every section of society. In a significant move to address the power supply issues, DC Budgam Shri Akshay Labroo handed over 200 KVA transformers to the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL). This initiative is part of the efforts to bolster the power infrastructure in the region, particularly during the peak demand season. The new transformers are expected to alleviate the power shortages and ensure a more stable and reliable electricity supply to the residents. This step is crucial in supporting both domestic and commercial electricity needs, thereby contributing to the overall development and economic growth of the area. DC Budgam Shri Akshay Labroo’s recent activities highlight the administration’s focus on improving public services and infrastructure. From enhancing healthcare facilities in Dalwan village to assessing basic amenities in Sikh Colony, Rangreth, and strengthening the power supply network, these efforts are aimed at ensuring holistic development and improving the quality of life for the residents of Budgam district.

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