Connecting Job Seekers & Providers: Ganderbal District Employment Initiative in Jammu & Kashmir

A job-cum-employment fair was organised by the District Employment & Counselling Centre, Ganderbal. We give opportunity to youth to interact with job providers, said an official in Jammu & Kashmir’s Ganderbal district. Similarly job providers also get an interaction with job seekers. Otherwise a youth will not even know that what jobs are available in his district or in his area. The job seekers also get to know about ten types of companies at one place and get a chance to select the best. We lack skilled workers. We want the pass outs to reach us from handicrafts, textiles and handloom to whom we can offer jobs. Here right on the stage during the job-cum-employment programme, we offered jobs to 500 such youth. If we feel they need more skills we have masters who can train them to acquire advanced skills. Handicrafts is a sector which has been running for centuries and needs more attention, said the official. At the Textiles and Handicraft Park, around 100 units are working. There is a lot of scope in them to absorb our youth, the official pointed out.

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