25th Amarnath Yatra for This Devotee – Have You Embarked on Your Spiritual Journey?

This is my 25th Amarnath pilgrimage. I have been coming regularly since 1996, said a male pilgrim. Another female youth said it was her fifth year and her mother was visiting for the seventh time. And her father is coming for the 23rd time. I feel pretty good. I had come earlier as well. The roads have become quite wide, said another male pilgrim. The pilgrim who was on his 25th yatra said that leaving aside years 2017, 2020 and 2021, he had been continuously participating in the Shri Amarnathji yatra since 1996. Many devotees have come, remarked another pilgrim. The Amarnath cave is considered to be a very difficult climb. But it is Baba’s grace that has attracted the devotees and brought them here. Lots of people are coming from all over India and the world. Despite the difficulties, they are coming one way or the other and are having Baba’s darshan. We are staunch devotees of Lord Shiva, said the female youth pilgrim. So coming here, I cannot express in words how happy we are.

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