Veshaw Literary Festival & Exhibition Enchants Participants with Heritage Introduction in Kulgam

Veshaw Literary Festival Kulgam was celebrated on August 7 and 8, 2023 in Jammu & Kashmir. There is a huge contribution of literary figures to the Kashmiri society. If society remembers literary personalities then it is a great thing, said a participant. Such an atmosphere was seen in Kashmir after many years. Everybody met here without fear. Talks happened and the contribution of literary personalities was remembered who have contributed for the betterment of the society. This is a big deal in Kashmir. And the best thing that I really liked is that they have put up an exhibition here about our heritage. How is our life? How was life in the past? What was life like for our elders? How was their life? Who were those people? This exhibition introduces us to our heritage. This was the most important thing of this festival according to me, said a person attending the Veshaw Literary Festival. This is a big event in this small area. The presence of the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Sri Manoj Sinha has given a boost to this area. Second generation new writers, our youth got a boost to write more. The credit goes to our district administration. Veterans and literary figures came from Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and expressed their views. They talked about their writing and celebrated literature. A movement is born from here and we hope that such celebrations continue. On the occasion artists showcased their works. These events give rise to a platform for the youth. They create with the thought that they shall be able to show somewhere in the society, said a female youth participant at the exhibition. This gives youth empowerment, encouragement and leads him to contribute in good things in society.

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