CHC Marwah launches Digital Urine and Blood Analyser

KISHTWAR, JUNE 15: In a significant step towards enhancing healthcare services in the remote Aspirational Block of Marwah, the Community Health Center (CHC) Marwah has introduced a state-of-the-art digital urine and blood analyser.
This advancement is part of the district’s ongoing efforts to strengthen health facilities under the dynamic leadership of Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar, Dr. Devansh Yadav, and Chief Medical Officer Kishtwar, Dr. Rajinder Kumar.
The new digital analyser, which is powered by solar energy, promises to revolutionize diagnostic capabilities in this far-flung region of Marwah Sub Division.
The device is user-friendly, as any medical staff can easily make use of these digital machines and delivers instant test results, making it an invaluable tool for healthcare providers. The analyser facilitates a variety of tests including Hemoglobin (HB), urine analysis, blood sugar, bilirubin, cholesterol, creatinine, uric acid, SGOT, and SGPT.
The Lab technicians besides dedicated para medical staff of such CHCs have been provided with hands on training recently at District Hospital Kishtwar under the guidance of Medical Superintendent District Hospital Kishtwar Dr Yudhveer Singh Kotwal.
Dr. Krishan Singh Katoch, Block Medical Officer (BMO) Dacchan, expressed his gratitude to the dedicated team whose relentless efforts have made this project a reality. “This digital analyser will significantly benefit the entire populace of Marwah by providing quick and accurate diagnostic services, thus improving overall health outcomes,” he said.
The introduction of this advanced technology is expected to bridge the healthcare gap in Marwah, ensuring that residents have access to essential diagnostic tests without the need to travel long distances.

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