Chappal making unit started by Udhampur man with PMEGP scheme

My shop at Shivnagar had closed during Covid time. Then we were at home and greatly troubled about what to do. Then a friend gave the suggestion that you could take a loan from the PMEGP scheme. We approached the government authorities and got a positive response. So we got some finance from them and some from my friends. Now we are making chappals in Udhampur and everything is going fine. We have 3-4 people working for us, some are full time and others are working part-time. During Covid, the scheme provided online training. I am grateful that because of the government scheme I am able to earn my livelihood. The chappal factory owner’s wife was also happy that the chappal making unit was going ahead at a good pace. During Covid they lost business but now all the members work to contribute in chappal making which is fetching them business.

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