Beneficiaries of PMAY-G in Poonch no longer living in tin sheds

At village Darabagyal in Poonch, a beneficiary of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Gramin) PMAY-G Poonch, Mohd. Shabbir says, the cost of construction was Rs 1.30 lakh and the house was constructed in 90 days under MGNREGA for the year 2020-21. People who have got houses are happy that they no longer have to bear the cold in tin sheds and can live comfortably in their own homes. The help from the government is improving their lives. Poor people were also using lentels to set up a makeshift home. Villagers said, those who are left out are hoping that the PM”s dream of “Housing for all by 2024’ will take care of their needs too, and they will also avail the help of the government to build their house as soon as possible. A woman beneficiary said how they used to face a lot of difficulties earlier, but now after getting their home via the PMAY-G scheme, they are better off. The seniors living in Poonch are happy with the administration and grateful to the Narendra Modi government for taking care of their needs.

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