Chestnut harvesting in Wular lake is not fun due to filth, say locals

Gh Hassan, President, Fishermen Community says, do not throw waste and plastics into the Wular lake, said a local of Bandipora in Jammu & Kashmir. This lake is the future of Jammu & Kashmir. The filth and pollution has given way to the growth of wild plants other than water chestnuts. Wular lake near Bandipora is one of the largest freshwater lakes in South Asia. Abdul Majeed, Contactor for Chestnuts in Bandipora says, for 20 years I have been involved in the sowing and harvesting of chestnuts. but because of filth, the production of chestnuts has fallen. Two years before, the boats used to fill up with chestnuts. The pollution of the lake has made it difficult for workers engaged in chestnut extraction to be happy about doing their jobs. Ab Aziz, a Fisherman says, the depth of the Wular lake is 25 feet but because of the filth it has shrunk to just 15 feet. The filth coming from the mountains and villages enters into the lake. A lot of people are dependent on the Wular lake for their livelihood. We are requesting the administration to do dredging of the lake and help us keep the lake clean for the benefit of everyone.

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