Basic Facilities To Expand at Shri Chandi Mata Machail Shrine to Make the Yatra Smooth: J&K LG Sinha

It is said in our culture that till the call is not received from the divine places of pilgrimage, no matter how hard a person tries, he cannot reach there, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said while worshipping at the holy Shri Chandi Mata Machail Shrine. We have spent three years in Kashmir and it is now Mata has given us a call and we could come here. I believe that because the call came, I got the opportunity to have Mata’s darshan, worship and blessings, LG said. The LG prayed that how Jammu and Kashmir can progress day by day under the protection of Mata and its citizens should be happy. The district administration here has expanded the basic facilities, LG said. I appreciate that they are taking care of the devotees, he remarked. A new chapter of cultural renaissance throughout India has started under the leadership of Honourable Prime Minister of India, respected Narendra Modi Ji. And this has also brought new consciousness in the society. I think people have also become faithful to their values. And along with heritage, there should be development, a new initiative has been started in the entire country under the leadership of the Minister. Its impact has also been felt in Jammu and Kashmir. We have discussed in detail how people can complete the Machail Mata journey easily. I assure you all in front of Machail Mata that whatever arrangements need to be made will definitely be ensured, LG said. So that in the coming time, the people who are going to come from Jammu and Kashmir or even outside, can easily visit it. We want to make such arrangements that both time and distance can be reduced. So that even an old man who wants to visit Mata can do so conveniently. It is not the time that the foundation stone was laid in 2010 and is yet to be built in 2023, LG said. If the foundation stone is laid then it will be built within the time limit, he stated. I think on a regional basis as the PM Narendra Modi says often the deprived people have the first right on government resources in the society, LG said.

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