Multiple Project Inaugurations by LG Manoj Sinha to Embark J&K’s Sopore on a Path of Progress

On September 7 2023, a multitude of projects were e-inaugurated in the service of the people of Sopore, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. These projects are: e-inauguration of Development of Park at Chinkipora Ward No. 18, e-inauguration of development of Open Air Gym Park near Bypass bridge Upper Ashpeer, and inauguration of upgradation of Vohlutra Shitloo Road including allied links at Vohlutra Arkharwari Valanwari Doonwari Road. I want to assure the respected people that our administration is fully committed to fulfill your aspirations, LG said. Today through this program, I want to say that Sopore will get its old prosperity. We will make every effort under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to ensure that this city gets its own cultural face. I want the administration to get the support and cooperation of every citizen, LG said. So that together we can develop Sopore as the most beautiful and modern city of the country. Many times we think that the government will bring change. This thinking also needs to be changed. Government can bring resources, create infrastructure. But the government cannot do anything to create life in the city, LG said. Only you can do it with public participation if we want to make our city the most beautiful. If we want to see the Sopore that existed before 1970, we will have to change ourselves. The city will be beautiful only when the citizens here are willing to participate in cleanliness, LG said. We want the system to change. But if citizens do not come forward, then whatever arrangement are made it cannot be a better system, LG said. The brothers and sisters of Jammu and Kashmir should be aware that discrimination had flourished here because there was work for some people. A different kind of VIP culture was created here. And in which some people had made the life of common citizens difficult by using terrorism as a weapon. I want to say friends, development and prosperity will come only when there is peace. Those who misled you because of which there were stones in Sopore and today you yourself think that such people have not done you any good but have done injustice to the future generations. Your children have been treated unfairly, LG stated. He recited a few lines of poetry… ज़िंदगी क्या हुए वो अपने ज़माने वाले याद आते हैं बहुत दिल को दुखाने वाले अजनबी बन के न मिल उम्र-ए-गुरेज़ाँ हम से थे कभी हम भी तिरे नाज़ उठाने वाले आ कि मैं देख लूँ खोया हुआ चेहरा अपना मुझ से छुप कर मिरी तस्वीर बनाने वाले Akhtar Saeed Khan Let us all take a pledge on this occasion with full confidence and faith: the Jammu and Kashmir administration, the people present here and the brothers and sisters who are not present here that we all together will create a new picture of Sopore. Every step we take will be for the welfare of the people so that progress becomes the main basis of our social system. May this feeling prevail in the soul of Sopore people.

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