Baltal-Amarnath cave track getting widened for safe travel of yatris in 2023

The Amarnath yatra track is getting improved for the movement of yatris next year to Amarnath cave. The track has been handed over to the Border Roads Organisation for improvement since September 2022. BRO122RCC deployed men and machinery for maintenance on the track of Baltal and it will go a long way in better movement of pilgrims at the track. The 13.2 km of Baltal tracks are getting broadened and the climb is getting improved. For the workers this is a difficult task as the weather, temperature and terrain does not support them at all times. The workers risk their lives to work in difficult situations for nobody knows when there will be a landslide or an incident of shooting stones. The main motive of the J&K government is to make the Amarnath yatra track safe and convenient for all. That is why we are improving the gradient and doing the broadening work. We are hoping this work handled by Project Beacon will give us better track facilities for opening the yatra in 2023. The yatris found it difficult to travel on the narrow tracks with low oxygen prevailing. We hope the yatra track gets wider and smooth so that there is not a single casualty or difficulty arising due to the width of the tracks. The pithoo walas commented, earlier when yatris filled the track, pithoo riders had to be stopped on the side to let them pass, the tracks were so narrow. But now, all that problem will be resolved and the yatris and pithoo walas can together travel on the tracks.

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