Children of police martyrs to get digital skill training for sustainable livelihood

The families of the martyrs cannot be pacified with words of condolences. The government and the society together need to come up with a solid solution so that they can deal with the challenges of the future successfully. And they are able to lead their lives with ease and respect. The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said while addressing the school children in Jammu & Kashmir. He added that digital skill development has been introduced for the children of the martyrs and he hoped that it will be appreciable and beneficial for them. The school children found it a good step taken for the improvement of the nation. They said since the IT sector is growing at a fast pace, digital literacy is important. So students need to be aware of it. By learning digital skills, they can start earning as well. The children were happy that this step could make the sons of the martyrs stand on their own feet and they could earn their living. The government is giving digital training to the children of police martyrs and even guaranteeing 50% guaranteed employment. The children were impressed by what the LG had said that India was called a ‘golden bird’ not because of wealth but because of the knowledge that Indians possessed. We are the people who can again make India a golden bird by giving our best and gaining knowledge to make a mark in the world.

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