Ayushman Bharat Centre providing medical relief to the poor in Kashmir’s Kulgam

We are thankful to the government for doing so much work for the poor, said the local residents of Kulgam, talking about the Ayushman Bharat Centre in Jammu and Kashmir. With the setting up of the Ayushman Centre and the arrival of a doctor at the centre in Kulgam, they are grateful for getting medical relief. A youth at the centre with his older father said that his father was not able to walk or sit on his own for the past four years. After the doctor treated him, his father was able to get up on his own and walk around. He was all praises for the doctors who attend to the patients with care, the youth said. The Ayushman Bharat doctors said how the Ayushman Bharat system has been continuously uplifted since PM Narendra Modi’s push. At the Ayushman centre, all kinds of medicines Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathic are available for treatment.

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