ARI & Trainings Department conducts comprehensive inspection of Health Services in Jammu

JAMMU, JULY 10: In continuation of ongoing administrative inspections for bringing reforms and uniformities in all the departments in day to day official procedures on the instructions of UT Government is being carried out by the Department of Administrative Reforms, Inspections, and Trainings, across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
So far twenty departments have been inspected by various teams headed by senior officers from ARI department.
Today, the team led by Dr. Abdul Kabir Dar, Secretary Technical, Administrative Reforms, Inspections, and Trainings Department, inspected the Directorate of Health Services Jammu and Government Hospital Gandhinagar, at Jammu.
The team comprised Dr. Raman Jandiyal, Under Secretary ARI, Jajdish Khajuria, Sanjay Pandita, Ashok Kumar along with other subject matter experts. They conducted in-depth discussions on important issues, on-the-spot inspections of records, and reviewed the implementation of guidelines and model Performa devised by the ARI & Trainings Department.
Direct interactions were held with various heads of departments, ministerial and technical staff, as well as the public and patients. The inspection included a thorough review of various facilities and equipment.
Director Health Services, Dr. Rakash Magotra, highlighted the good work being done by Health Services for patient care and also flagged certain issues which were noted.
Dr. Kabir Dar, commended the department for its overall performance and said a lot many innovations have been added to benefit life patients.
Dr Kabir, reiterated that that the ARI and Trainings Department is committed to assisting all departments in bringing reforms and excellence to their functions for the better service delivery and overall development of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
Director Health Jammu expressed gratitude for the timely conduct of the administrative inspection, which will definitely help in bringing more reforms and transparency in administration for delivering better health care to the patients of Jammu and Kashmir.

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