Apple rates improving as growers in Kashmir add value to fetch better rates

Previously apple growers in Jammu and Kashmir used to do distress sales. They had a lot of produce but less demand for it. They used to sell an apple crate for Rs 300-Rs 400. Now this facility by the government has put them in a good place. They do not do distress sale any more but sell their produce at their own will. And now they are getting good rates from the market. Value addition is done to the apples to make them better so that they can be branded in the international market. If the rate is Rs 1000 for 10kg apples then after branding and value addition, we can sell them at Rs 1500-Rs 2000 per crate. This is done so that maximum benefits can come to the growers. Growers are dependent on profits so they do a lot of hard work. If the apple growers benefit then the economy of Kashmir will grow and therefore, growth opportunities will arise more in the Valley. Compared to the last season, the apple growers say the rate this year is much better. Since January 2023 the market level has been satisfactory, said the apple farmers. The apple rates are okay but previous year it was less due to road blockage. They appeal to the government to make the roads clear and functional so that the apple community is not impacted adversely.

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