Agriculture Department promotes Green Manure to restore Default Organic Status of Basmati in R.S. Pura

JAMMU, JULY 01: The Agriculture Department Jammu, under the leadership of A.S. Reen, Director of Agriculture, has initiated a major project to revitalize the organic status of Basmati rice in the R.S. Pura area of Jammu Region. This initiative focuses on promoting green manure to counterbalance the effects of past inorganic fertilizer use and restore the region’s natural organic heritage.
Under this program, 120 quintals of Dhiancha seed have been distributed among farmers across the Basmati-growing belt. The purpose is to implement green manure making practices that enhance soil fertility and sustain the organic integrity of Basmati cultivation areas in the Jammu region.
“The distinct quality of Basmati rice from Jammu’s R.S. Pura owes much to the organic status of its soil and the low night temperature during seed formation stage at its growth,” highlighted the Director Agriculture. “By promoting green manure with Dhiancha, we are committed to preserving and enhancing these natural attributes crucial for Basmati cultivation,” he added.
A significant demonstration of incorporating Dhiancha in an area of 200 hectares in Basmati growing fields by providing subsidised Dhiancha seed, serves as a practical example of the initiative’s objectives. This effort is part of a mission to regain the by-default organic status of Basmati 370 in R.S. Pura. Farmers of the area highly appreciated the efforts by the Agriculture Department in converting a larger area under green manuring this year.
The organic certification of locally grown Basmati rice also opens up significant opportunities for export markets, reinforcing its global appeal based on unparalleled flavour and aroma
“The organic status of Jammu’s Basmati rice is paramount to its global reputation,” emphasized A.S. Reen. “This initiative not only safeguards our agricultural heritage but also ensures sustainable practices that benefit farmers and consumers alike.

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