Abundance of Rare Plants in J&K’s Forests Holds Promise for Improved Living of Forest-dependent Folk

Trees, plants, forests are actually like a protective shield for humans. And we should not leave their support but grow together for better life, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. Rare plants like Gucchi mushroom, which is found in abundance in the forests of Jammu and Kashmir, costs Rs 40,000 kg in the markets of Delhi and Mumbai. The cost of Artemisia herbal plant is Rs 500 per kilogram. There are many such plants in Jammu and Kashmir which do not harm the forests. These plants can bring significant changes in the standard of living of the population dependent on forests and can help them become financially capable, LG said. The school children in Jammu & Kashmir are becoming aware of the environment: We want to stop the pollution. We want to make the air cleaner. We are trying our best. We are giving solutions and we are giving our best to do whatever we can.

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