A new era of democracy in Kashmir: PM Narendra Modi’s vision

Over the past five years, a remarkable transformation has unfolded in Kashmir. Today, the children of this region proudly affirm that the internet has not been shut down, and they have enjoyed all the comforts and facilities necessary for a modern life. While challenges remain, these are often faced with a sense of purpose, as the common people engage in civic duties with a renewed sense of responsibility. Voting in Kashmir is not merely an act of participation but a profound gesture of pride. It signifies more than just embracing the Constitution of India; it is an expression of the people’s will and their commitment to contributing to the democratic process of the country. When a Kashmiri casts their vote, they are not only selecting their representatives but also actively participating in the governance of India. This act of voting transcends mere obligation and becomes a celebration of democracy. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi highlighted this significant shift, stating, “Today, the record of forty years has been broken in voting. It is a matter of great satisfaction for me that my brothers, sisters, and family members of Kashmir came forward to vote with full energy and enthusiasm. They voted and gave a message to the world and gave a message to those who had doubts.” This year has witnessed an unprecedented turnout in the voting process, breaking records that have stood for decades. This surge in voter participation is a matter of great satisfaction, reflecting the growing political engagement of the people. My brothers, sisters, and family members in Kashmir have demonstrated unparalleled energy and enthusiasm, stepping forward to vote and send a powerful message to the world. Their participation dispels doubts and showcases the resilient spirit of Kashmir. It highlights a community that, despite facing numerous adversities, remains committed to the democratic process and the broader vision of progress and development. This robust turnout is not just a statistical achievement; it symbolises hope, unity, and a collective aspiration for a better future. The transformation in Kashmir over the past five years, marked by sustained internet connectivity and improved facilities, has culminated in a historic voter turnout. This enthusiastic participation is a testament to the region’s unwavering spirit and its commitment to democracy. It sends a clear message to the world: the people of Kashmir are ready to take charge of their destiny, with pride and confidence, contributing to the democratic fabric of India.

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