A Disabled Cobbler’s Heartwarming Journey of Service and Blessings Every Year at Amarnath

Once I was coming from Pahalgam from Amarnath trip, then at that time a thought came to my mind that I should set up a cobbler shop here. Since then I am serving the yatris. Baba’s hand has a big role in it. Twelve years ago, I did not have anything. From the time I started putting shop here, I have been able to get my children married. I built my house and am able to run my household as well, said a disabled cobbler. I do this work at home but every year I come here during Amarnath yatra. I never miss this opportunity to come and be of service to the yatris. I like doing this. I got a lot here it’s Baba’s grace, said the cobbler. I also tell our children to take care of this place after me. For working here every year, you will get a lot with Baba’s blessings. I definitely come here to get people’s love. I would like to say this to others: Come to see Bhole Nath with a true heart, then wishes come true. If a man asks for one thing here, he gets everything in Bhole’s court, said the cobbler.

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