Youth will lead the world in offering pragmatic solutions to climate and global challenges of 21st century: Lt Governor Sinha addresses Y20 Consultation at Kashmir University

Srinagar, May 11: Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha addressed Y20 Consultation on ‘Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustainability a Way of Life’ at University of Kashmir, today.

He said the massive participation in this Y20 Consultation Conference signals the encouraging prospect of a new energy in a global partnership on environment, development and our collective effort to ensure equity, global prosperity and better quality of life for all.

The Lt Governor while welcoming the national and international delegates said, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji has made it clear to the global family that climate change cannot be fought from conference tables alone. It has to be fought from the dinner tables in every home.

“Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji has called upon the global community to transform the effort of tackling climate challenge into a mass movement and promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle. I firmly believe under the leadership of Hon’ble PM, India will guide the world in building a sustainable society that will both be an economic powerhouse and a major contributor in restoring the delicate balance of Nature,” the Lt Governor said.

By adopting ‘Green Growth’ as one of the seven key priorities (Saptarshi), the Hon’ble Prime Minister has shown the world that India stands firm on its resolve to achieve the goal of Zero Carbon Emission by 2070, he added.

At the Y20 Consultation, the Lt Governor called upon youth to ensure ideas to create productive harmony between nature and human are translated into action and it contributes to a better world.

“Youth will lead the world in offering pragmatic solutions to climate & global challenges of 21st century. I believe the young generation will synergise innovative ideas and actions to preserve natural resources and also become stakeholders in policymaking for sustainable development,” the Lt Governor said.

The Lt Governor in his address also talked about the vision of India’s G20 Presidency and collective responsibility of the global community to nurture the nature for benefit of humanity.

“Vision of India’s G20 Presidency focuses on our shared responsibility to tackle two great challenges- Protect climate & promote sustainable development. As one family, we need to nurture earth that sustains life and commit for inclusive development to transform lives of common man,” the Lt Governor.

The Lt Governor also highlighted the values and principles as enshrined in the ancient Indian scriptures on sustainable living and environment protection.

“The sustainable living is Indian way of life. Long before the global community realized the importance of sustainable living our forefathers dedicated Prithvi Sukta, in Atharv Veda to mother earth highlighting its resources and urging the people to utilize them in a sustainable manner. Thousands years before the term Sustainable Life Style was popularized across the globe, Yajurveda mentioned about harmonious living with earth, water, trees and to prioritize the use of natural resources,” the Lt Governor said.

The Lt Governor emphasised that the vision of our forefathers was not merely ideas confined to the books but were focussed on action from the community as every ancient Indian scripture calls for selfless act.

We must adopt a balanced & holistic approach between development and nature to manage the challenges of accelerated growth and ecological sustainability. Our rights on natural resources are not absolute, it is temporary. This thinking should become part of our daily habit to ensure prosperous earth for our future generations, he further added.

The Lt Governor also reiterated the UT Government’s commitment to support sustainable development and lead the action against climate change.

Sh Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, Advisor to Lt Governor, in his address, called upon the Youth and other stakeholders to join the efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Prof Nilofer Khan, Vice Chancellor, University of Kashmir; Sh Pankaj Kumar Singh, Director, Department of Youth Affairs, GoI; Prof Manzoor Shah, Y20 Chair, Kashmir University; Sh Guru Prakash Paswan, Senior Faculty, Patna University and Sh Akash Jha, Secretary Programs & Logistics, Y20 India also spoke on the occasion and impressed upon the youth to raise awareness & exchange ideas on the most pressing global issues.

On the occasion, the Lt Governor inaugurated Y20 Exhibition and released the Y-20 Chronicle of the University about the run-up activities to the event.

Y20 and U20 integration, a joint initiative by the respective engagement groups for Jan Bhagidari was also launched.

Delegates & panelists from various Countries and across India, prominent citizens, senior officials, youth representatives, students and scholars were present.

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