Youth bike rally in Bhaderwah promotes road safety and adventure Tourism

The Bhaderwah Development Authority, in collaboration with various youth organizations, organized a Youth Bike Rally in Bhaderwah town of Doda district on Saturday. This significant event aimed to raise awareness about road safety and traffic rules among adventure enthusiasts and to promote tourism in the realm of adventure sports. Flagged off by Doda Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh, along with the CEO of Bhaderwah Development Authority, Bal Krishan, and SDPO of Bhaderwah, Dr. Waseem, the rally highlighted the urgent need to address the rising number of bike accidents. This initiative was intended to educate young riders on the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and prioritising safety on the roads. Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh underscored the adventure potential of Bhaderwah, emphasizing its appeal to tourists and bikers. “Our sub-district Bhaderwah has immense adventure potential for tourists and bikers. With the commencement of tourist season, a ‘Youth Bike Rally’ has been organized by our home-grown group ‘Adventure Hoax’ to educate the youth about the importance of following traffic rules and prioritizing safety on the roads. To increase their enthusiasm and motivation, the administration also participated in the event,” Singh remarked. Singh further highlighted the broader objectives of the rally, which aimed not only to foster enthusiasm for adventure sports but also to guide the youth towards constructive activities. “The main purpose of the event was to encourage the youth to channel their energy towards sports, adventure tourism, and positive things so that they can contribute to developing the nation. We also aimed to educate those who have lost the sole aim of their life,” he said. The Deputy Commissioner also spotlighted the rich tourism potential of the Doda district, mentioning several key adventure biking destinations. “There are various tourist destinations and numerous options for adventure biking in this district, including spots such as Jai Valley, Padri Pass, Bhal Padri, Guldanda, etc. Tourists can enjoy these lush green meadows. Significantly, it will boost tourism and adventure sports and potentially increase the livelihood of locals,” he explained. The Youth Bike Rally in Bhaderwah stands as a testament to the combined efforts of local authorities and youth organizations to foster a culture of safety, responsibility, and positive engagement among young adventure enthusiasts. By promoting road safety and adventure tourism simultaneously, the event aims to harness the region’s potential, ensuring sustainable development and enhanced livelihoods for the local communities.

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