Empowering Kishtwar through Archery: Following in the footsteps of Sheetal Devi

Sheetal Devi’s remarkable journey in archery has been a beacon of inspiration for many in our district. Having competed in five national events and winning a silver medal is no small feat. Her recent achievements in Europe, where she clinched three medals, have further cemented her status as a distinguished archer. She has participated in five national archery competitions, securing a silver medal in one. Recently, she ventured into Europe, where she proudly won three medals. Inspired by our very own Sheetal Devi, a renowned archer who has brought fame to our country and hails from Kishtwar, we introduced the sport of archery to the district. Her legacy has motivated everyone deeply, and it is evident that our children possess immense talent and potential. The influence of Sheetal Devi, a celebrated archer from Kishtwar, cannot be overstated. Her dedication and success have not only brought fame to our country but have also sparked a passion for archery in our community. In her honour, the sport has been introduced in the district, recognising the need to cultivate and nurture the latent talent within children. It is through the inspiration of Sheetal Deviji that we see a bright future for archery in our region. The children, motivated by her legacy, show tremendous promise and potential. Her story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and the impact one individual can have on an entire community.

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