Young Beekeeper Asya Jan Empowers Women, Supports Family; Boosts Organic Honey Trade in Pulwama, J&K

Asya Jan, a resident of Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir is a living symbol of women power in her area. Twenty-five-year-old Asya entered the Bee Keeping Center after completing her higher secondary studies. Her aim was to empower the women of the village too along with the success of her business venture. With Rural Livelihood Mission’s help and her determination, Asya not only reinvented the organic honey business but also involved women in the venture and also administered the path of their progress. I joined NRLM in 2015. At first I was a Self Help Group (SHG) member, said Asya. Then she got information from a BBM official that there is a training in which you will get Bee Boxes. She consulted another official whether she can go for the training. Then she entered the five-day training and got 10 boxes for bee keeping. Each member got 10 boxes so they kept the boxes in one place and started bee keeping maintenance. All the people who have joined this self-employment scheme, now their family members are dependent on them. Asya says she is thankful to the Government and NRLM which has given them many opportunities to stand on their own feet. LG Saheb has encouraged me by taking my name in the ‘Awaam Ki Awaaz’ programme, for which I am thankful to him. I thank the LG and because of that motivation, I am more interested in this work. An NRLM representative said that Asya Jan has been working from the beginning as a SHG member. She has been making good progress. One she is supporting her family. Secondly, she also guides others who are in the beekeeping business and those who have bee hives. I like this honey making business, says Asya. We do not have to go to the markets. Customers place request on the phone and come and take their orders. People want honey to be pure without any adulteration. That is why our honey fetches good demand, says hardworking Beekeeper Asya Jan from Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir.

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