J&K LG Sinha Highlights Role of Panchayats in Good Governance, Stresses on Grassroots Development

I believe that today’s program is the most important programme. ‘Gram Uday se Bharat Uday’ This is the resolution which the respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has given to the country from the rise of the village to the rise of India, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha addressing the Good Governance Workshop at SKICC in Srinagar. Localisation of sustainable development goals – is the step taken in the direction of making villages self-dependent and prosperous and we are strengthening the foundation on which our great nation can be made a stronger India. Today I can say that an effort has really begun in the last few years. I think that this effort should be done in the true sense by everyone collectively on the basis of collective consciousness, LG said. So maybe that day is not far away when we will be able to make our fantasy come true on the ground. We will be able to meet basic amenities and citizen’s needs. We will be able to bridge the gap that has been created between cities and rural areas. So your role is very important, said LG to the 33,00 elected representatives of the Panchayat In these three years, I have realised that if there is a change in Jammu and Kashmir, then all of you have a very important role in it. One thing we should keep in mind, LG said. Panchayat is directly responsible for development. Jammu and Kashmir can develop only when the system will run according to the panchayats. Everyone should keep this in mind. Participation of elected representatives of panchayats and other blocks and EDC increased in governance and administration Good Governance has 8 principles. The third principle is Responsive Governance. It keeps everyone together. And if any person of the Panchayat has any problem, then it is necessary that he should be heard immediately. It should be done within the time limit. If there is no hearing and it is worth redressing, then surely it should be redressed, LG said. Only then we can bring equality and happiness in the life of every person. Under PM Awaas Yojana, as per 2011 Census, those who were left in the list, under Awas first camp, they were joined. Some people are having trouble that people are being brought from outside to settle down. I am mentioning this because people do such stupid things that only serve to mislead. All of you are sitting as chairman of your districts, representatives of panchayats. I want to ask all of you, can you name just one person who has been given land who is an outsider? LG asked. You should understand that 40-50 thousand innocent people have died on this earth because of those who make such statements, LG said. We need to understand. People ask what has changed? I want to say that street violence has been completely eradicated from the land of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s history now, that’s changed. And shops and schools and colleges are not closed on someone’s diktat, this has changed. You had arranged such a system, LG said to the house of Panchayats. People had to enter the house before it got dark, they did not know whether they will survive or not. You had made this arrangement, LG clearly stated to the Chairman and Panchayat representatives. Today the restaurants are open till 10 pm and the youth, girls and children can be found near the Jhelum Riverfront, singing and eating ice cream. This is the change. You are thirty three thousand elected representatives. They are trying to bring people on the road by inciting such sentiments. They don’t want peace in J&K. They do not want the progress of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This intention needs to be understood, that’s why I said this to you, LG said. In the last four years, the developments that have taken place in every village of Jammu & Kashmir represents the success of Panchayati Raj here. The next tenure of Panchayati Raj will be even more responsive. Today’s Grassroots level democracy through the implementation of three tier system of Panchayati Raj by PM Modi and LG Manoj Sinha will be considered a golden period in the history of Jammu & Kashmir, said a representative. All those things happened which we had not dreamt of before. The Good Governance workshop at SKICC in Srinagar by the RDD Department, PRI’s and J&K govt, these programmes strengthen our Panchayats. There is good governance in the Panchayats, because of this. The guidance provided here we take it to our Panchayats and on the basis of that we do good planning and development. For the first time, Panch, Sarpanch, EDC, BDC and DDC have gathered together at a platform for which we are thankful to the government.

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