Wildlife Week in J&K | LG Launches Community-Led Conservation Drive | Flags off Walkathon Srinagar

Wildlife Week in J&K | LG Launches Community-Led Conservation Drive | Flags off Walkathon Srinagar On October 2, 2023, a Wildlife Week started in Jammu & Kashmir that ran till October 8, 2023. I consider today a very important and special day, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha while flagging off the Wildlife Week in J&K. A Walkathon of 5km was organised in Srinagar during the Wildlife Week celebration. This Wildlife Walk is the beginning of community-led conservation in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, LG said. Along with the Youth for Wildlife Conservation Theme, with new hope, new determination and new spirit, we are moving forward to achieve that goal and the ideology and way of life that our ancient culture and correlation with nature had determined for us. In the race for development, we forgot for many decades that without wildlife conservation wetland conservation can be a big threat to our existence. Our ancient texts would not have been complete without wildlife creatures. Today they are in danger. Work has been done to re-establish the concept of coexistence in the minds of the societty by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Just as today the whole society is working together towards the progress of science. Just as we all were excitedly waiting every moment during the landing of Chandrayaan. In the same way, the whole crowd was celebrating after seeing a man bringing a wild cheetah brought from Namibia into Kuno National Park in September last year in 2022. And the big thing was that the Prime Minister himself was present there to receive the leopards. I can say that in the country, the Prime Minister has shown so much concern for conservation and wildlife, he has shown resolve, it is very natural to see a new zeal and thought being generated in the society aas well. In Jammu and Kashmir too, we have achieved many achievements in the field of wildlife and wetland conservation in the last three-four years. The number of Hangul has increased significantly. Tral Pulwama Wildlife Project J&K since 2008 was stuck and the J&K administration renewed it again. And I am pleased to say that that project has been completed this year in 2023, LG said. More than 13 lakh migratory birds were seen last year. And now Jammu and Kashmir has also been included in the Global Snow Leopard Map, LG informed. I am confident that in the coming future, the administration of Jammu and Kashmir and especially pro wildlife souls in the country will play a leading role in promoting wildlife conservation, ecotourism and green economy through their efforts, said the Lieutenant Governor.

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