GI Tag Benefits | Artisans Celebrate Authenticity & Market Access | GI Mahotsav Kashmir

GI Tag Benefits | Artisans Celebrate Authenticity & Market Access | GI Mahotsav Kashmir A weeklong celebration of India’s rich Geographical Indication (GI) heritage, the GI Mahotsav, unfolded at the vibrant Kashmir Haat in Srinagar. This grand gathering witnessed the convergence of artisans from across the nation, who showcased their exceptional craftsmanship and celebrated the legacy of authenticity. The GI Mahotsav not only celebrated India’s unique artisanal treasures but also played a pivotal role in bolstering tourism and economic activities in the picturesque valley of Kashmir. The artisans themselves emerged as ambassadors, illuminating the intricate artistry of Kashmir to the entire nation. Artisans lauded the significance of the GI tag, which endows their creations with a seal of authenticity, assuring customers of the genuine quality of their products. With the GI tag in place, customers can confidently make purchases, knowing they are acquiring an original masterpiece. This powerful tag provides vital information about the artisan’s identity, location, and the origins of the product, readily accessible via Google and mobile devices, benefiting both artisans and customers. Additionally, artisans highlighted the GI tag’s role in simplifying product marketing. Customers, upon spotting the GI tag, are reassured of the product’s quality and authenticity, as it is certified by a government-authorized agency. This stamp of authenticity enhances customer satisfaction and reduces unnecessary inquiries. The GI tag has also had a positive impact on agriculture, particularly the cultivation of Mushkbudji rice, which has witnessed growing demand and export orders due to its GI recognition. With the GI tag, customers can readily discern genuine products, ensuring that artisans receive fair compensation for their craft. Artisans showcased their exceptional papier-mâché craftsmanship, employing a rich palette of colors, including black, gold, yellow, and red, to create intricate designs born from their artistic minds. The introduction of the GI tag has eliminated middlemen, granting unique identity and recognition to products like saffron, substantiating their superior quality. Notably, the GI tag has a transformative impact on pricing, elevating the worth of authentic products. For instance, Sulai honey, which previously struggled to fetch adequate prices, has been elevated to a status of purity and distinction through its GI tag. The GI tag serves as a mark of quality, ensuring that farmers receive fair compensation for their exceptional goods.

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